Astrophysics in Lusatia - the DZA introduces itself - event organized by the IHK Dresden in Görlitz


With the German Center for Astrophysics - Research. Technology. Digitalization. (DZA), a major national research center with international appeal is being created that will drive forward resource-saving digitalization, develop new technologies, ensure transfer and create prospects for the region - firmly rooted in Lusatia in Saxony.

What exactly does the DZA do? How does it benefit society and the region? What opportunities are there for the regional economy? Prof. Dr. Martin Roth and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Besold will answer these and other questions on March 28 at 6 pm at the IHK Görlitz.

Registration is required: IHK Dresden: The German Center for Astrophysics (Event overview)

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