Wir haben es geschafft: Das Deutsche Zentrum für Astrophysik – Forschung.Technologie.Digitalisierung. (DZA) kommt in die sächsische Lausitz. Hier geht es zur Pressemitteilung:

Pressemitteilung (PDF, 0,2 MB)

German Center for Astrophysics

Research. Technology. Digitization.

The DZA is our proposal in the competition of the BMBF and the Free State of Saxony to establish a large-scale research center in the region. It is a joint initiative of German astronomy and astroparticle physics for a national center for astrophysical research with international appeal that advances resource-saving digitization, develops new technologies, ensures transfer and creates new perspectives, firmly rooted in Lusatia.

Knowledge creates perspectives for the region!

An ideas competition of the BMBF, the Free State of Saxony and the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

More about the competition

Architekten-Enwurf für den DZA-Campus

Innovation hub and job engine in Saxony's high-tech landscape, an internationally visible lighthouse, a center for digitization and the latest technologies that cooperates closely with industry in Saxony, a center for innovation and transfer that ensures that our knowledge has an impact, and a research laboratory deep in the tranquility of the Lusatian granite. We are convinced: Astrophysics can sustainably shape structural change like hardly any other science.

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Skrótka a jadriwje – zjimanje (PDF) 

Good reasons for the DZA

  • National beacon with international appeal.
  • World-class research with a unique selling point.
  • Identity-forming for the region.
  • Jobs with a future, in many areas.
  • Partner for business and institutions, support for start-ups and spin-offs, transfer.
  • Education from kindergarten through training to university. 
  • Prospects for young people, securing the need for skilled workers.
  • Magnet for new workers from all over the world.
  • Our strength: Leading competence and experience from research and development to planning and implementation of major projects and operation in international cooperation.
  • We don't have to build up national and international networks, we bring them with us.

Research with impact

Astronomy has always shaped our understanding of the world and life on Earth. It was and is the driver of progress. Astrophysics today is a high-tech science with great innovative power. It faces major challenges in data processing, computing, and technology development - with much potential for science, business, and digital transformation. The DZA wants to take on these challenges.


Basis for tomorrow's society

We face the challenges of safeguarding our livelihood, protecting the climate and at the same time securing progress, jobs and prosperity. We see these challenges as opportunities, accelerate digitization and ensure the digital transformation of society through future-oriented, resource-conserving computing. We share our know-how. In this way, we secure Germany's future viability and technological sovereignty. We create the jobs of the future and secure the skilled workforce of tomorrow.

Motor für Innovationen

Astrophysics as a job engine

Many examples show: Astronomical research changes regions sustainably. The DZA will also act as a job engine. With its unique combination of research and development in IT, sensor technology and materials research and its need for manufacturing facilities, the center will provide economic impetus. The DZA as an international lighthouse with a large already existing network will attract many people. We offer excellent research programs, attractive and secure jobs in many fields. Our portfolio is diverse - we offer jobs in the scientific field, but much more in the non-scientific field, from engineering, design, materials processing, electronics, surveying, mechanical engineering to accounting, purchasing and secretarial.


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